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Our company ITALFIL is specialized since 1981 in manufacturing wire mesh folding stackable containers with a big growth in the market in the last five years. We supply logistic solutions for industrial warehouses, transport systems, food & non-food retailers, supermarkets, wine industry.

“In our 30 years activity we developed hundreds of new products collecting the customers and market needs focusing our activity on flexibility and capability to give the suitable answers to all customers requests and needs.”
Roberto Guerra, Founder


In 2020, Italfil has received the prestigious ethical certification SA 8000

We are well aware of our personal role and responsibilities implied by operating in the social and economic community. This awareness has led our management to distinguish Italfil as a socially responsible organization complying with the requirements of the SA 8000 standard.

The SA 8000 regulation is an international standard developed in 1997 by the US institution Social Accountability International (SAI). It requires compliance with 9 social criteria and has a clear focus on increasing the competitiveness of organizations which voluntarily provide a guarantee of ethical conduct in their supply chain as well as their entire production cycle.
It is the first international standard that MEASURES the ethical degree and social responsibility of a company.

Eco-sustainable with solar energy

In 2011 Italfil decided to invest in solar energy. Today, we have our own solar system of 2.000m2, which gives our company an aspect of eco-sustainability and has at the same time zero impact on the environment. Our objectives: eco-friendliness, social ethics and economic efficiency.