ITALFIL: the art of metal production at the service of logistics

ITALFIL, with its specialisation in the industrial sector, large-scale distribution and oenology, puts the customer at the centre of attention, guaranteeing incomparable quality backed by decades of experience.

  • Production of wire roll containers
  • Production of closable and stackable wire containers
  • Specialised in logistics
  • Products for the large-scale retail trade
  • Production of items for oenology

Wire Containers, Roll Containers and Metal Baskets since 1981

Welcome to the website of Italfil, a company specialized in the design and production of Roll Containers, Displayers, Wire Containers for professional and inter-company transport, for industrial warehouses and for large-scale food distribution, non-food and for oenology.

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of our company.

The experience of forty years, combined with a careful observation of the needs of our reference market, make us aware of the criticalities and needs of our customers, so we are committed to developing solutions to improve their activities.

Our task is to offer tools to increase the quality and efficiency of our customers’ work.

Over the years we have developed hundreds of new products, gathering the needs of the market and concentrating our activity on flexibility and the ability to provide appropriate responses to all customer demands and needs.

Roberto Guerra, Founder

Our Quality, in your Reviews

For forty years, the passion and commitment of ITALFIL have forged solutions of excellence in the field of wire containers.
Our quality is reflected in your feedback, and we are proud to share these moments of appreciation and success with you.

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Vasyl Kozhokar
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Giorgio Cavedon
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Maurizio Maurizio
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michele consul
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Fiorenzo Zanoni
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Dante Guerra
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Virginio Cavalleri
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Msatfi Charkaoui
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Diego “didaster” Danesi
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Giorgio Monticelli

Metallic Wire Containers

Containers in metal wire and tubular galvanized steel, reclosable and with the possibility of stacking both closed and open. All our containers are built with processes that guarantee rigidity and therefore durability. They can be used in all sectors: logistics, textiles, plastic molding (PET), automotive, foundries, storage, automatic warehouses for picking, cardboard collection, wine sector, etc… The containers have a panel on the long part in order to facilitate the grip of the material even when they are stacked. The tubular steel bars guarantee a high rigidity to the torsion that allows to increase the life of the container. Each wall is independent and fixed individually on the base. This results in increased strength and facilitates the process of closing and opening the container. The closed container is only 250mm high and this translates into smaller dimensions that allow a considerable advantage in terms of transport.

Containers in metal wire for oenology, reclosable and with the possibility of stacking both closed and open. The wine series containers are designed to store bottles in total safety and to optimize the space available in the cellars.

Roll Container, wire displayers.
For 40 years Industry leader in Italy and abroad for the production of:

logistica roll contanier

Roll Containers and Metal Containers for Logistics

Our products, different in size, model and capacity, meet the different logistics needs of different professional sectors. The choice of quality materials and the specialized design guarantee versatile and functional solutions.

Roll supermarkets, wire containers for large-scale retail trade

We design and manufacture displayers, roll containers, rolls for supermarkets and stackable wire containers to meet the needs of warehouse storage, transport, handling and large-scale retail trade display.

articoli speciali

Wire containers for special items

Our production includes wire containers for the storage and transport of special items. Welcoming and respecting customer needs, we create a wide variety of formats, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Contenitori in filo metallico per l'enologia

Wire containers for oenology

Our wire containers for oenology allow the storage and refinement of bottles in the cellar. The high quality material guarantees resistance and duration over time. Among the features of our products, the stackability and the possibility of being closed in the phases of non-use.

Roll container per Motorsport

Roll Container in Wire for Motorsport

Italfil is now an ideal partner able to offer dedicated solutions for the world of motorsport. We manufacture robust and resistant metal containers for tyre storage. Of different sizes and capacities, they guarantee customization possibilities.

We are an internationally certified company


Certification related to workplace conditions and commitment to sustainable and social development

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The standard certifies the ability to regularly provide products or services that meet customer requirements

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Certification related to workplace health and safety

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The standard certifies a commitment to environmental management and a focus on sustainability.

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“In our 30 years of activity, we have developed hundreds of new products, gathering market requirements and focusing on flexibility and the ability to provide adequate answers to all customer demands and needs”
Roberto Guerra, Fondatore

In 2020, Italfil has received the prestigious ethical certification SA 8000

We are well aware of our personal role and responsibilities implied by operating in the social and economic community. This awareness has led our management to distinguish Italfil as a socially responsible organization complying with the requirements of the SA 8000 standard.

The SA 8000 regulation is an international standard developed in 1997 by the US institution Social Accountability International (SAI). It requires compliance with 9 social criteria and has a clear focus on increasing the competitiveness of organizations which voluntarily provide a guarantee of ethical conduct in their supply chain as well as their entire production cycle.
It is the first international standard that MEASURES the ethical degree and social responsibility of a company.

Eco-sustainable with solar energy


In 2011 Italfil decided to invest in solar energy. Today, we have our own solar system of 2.000m2, which gives our company an aspect of eco-sustainability and has at the same time zero impact on the environment. Our objectives: eco-friendliness, social ethics and economic efficiency.