Noui SI – The antibacterial shopping cart handle


So safe that you can enjoy a meal on it

Always looking for innovative methods able to meet new needs, Italfil now offers antibacterial handles for shopping carts, treated with Healthizing Technology: a quality solution to protect the health of your consumers.


HEALTHIZING@ is a post-anodizing treatment.

It chemically bonds the surface molecules of the oxide to special compounds that alter its conformation, making the surface capable of attacking the phospholipid membranes of bacterial cells. The treatment, thanks to its strong bond established with aluminium oxide, maintains its effectiveness over time and results highly effective against the vast majority of pathogenic microorganisms.

Fast but long- lasting action

Healthizing technology acts on a wide spectrum of microorganisms in a few minutes but its action lasts over time, for a protection against bacteria with no time limit.


Tests carried out to assess the effectiveness of Healthizing on various types of bacteria (Escherichia Coli, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria) and mould have given excellent results. Its effectiveness is ten times faster compared to the competition.



The antibacterial handle for shopping carts is the ideal solution for those who want to create a safe and hygienic environment while safeguarding the consumer: the safer your market, the calmer your customer.

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