Réference 126.000.00.Z

Charge possibile en Kg. 1000
Poids – tare en Kg. 13
Traitement surface: Zingage electrolytique
Superposition avec charge max. 3+1
Dimensions hors-tout en mm: W 1215 x D 815 x H 395
Dimensions utiles en mm: W 1160 x D 760 x H 250
Dimension maille en mm: 60 x 100

Réference: 126.000.00.Z Catégories : , ,

Metal-wired surrounds for wooden or metal pallets.  The perimetral structure is realized with an electrolytic galvanized metal mesh, which is hooked to the wooden pallet through a system of metal springs allowing the overlapping on more levels. It is possible to fold them in order to optimize the space in the storehouse or during the carriage.  The containers have a door on the longest side, which facilitates the grab of the goods even when they are overlapped.   They can be used in all sectors: logistics, textiles, plastic molding (PET), automotive, foundries, storage, automated warehouses with picking system, cardboard collection, wine industry, etc.